Golf Holiday Rental In Italy

Though Italy is most famous for its spectacular scenery, which includes fantastic beaches and mountain views – this may change soon due to its growing reputation as a fantastic location for golf. Italy has 249 golf courses in the country and is definitely a wonderful location for a golfing holiday.

Milan and Tuscany are the two great golfing areas in Italy spots. If you want are looking for a golf holiday in Italy, these are the places to be in the northern region of Italy.

Most of the golfing treasures in Italy are in the Lombardy Lakes District. Lake Como is one of the best in that area. You can also visit and test your golfing prowess at the famous La Pine parkland which spans to about 157 acres of land.

Tuscany is very popular for its historical architecture and majestic landscapes, but its golf courses are some of the best golfing destinations – not to mention, really challenging ones! One of the most special places to play golf in Italy is probably the Loggia Dei Medici Golf Club in Tuscany, as it has naturally beautiful golf course – home to great hilly and mountainous terrains.

So if you want to golf in Italy, check out some of the above-mentioned destinations and try them out for yourself! And if you are looking for a quality place to rent for your golfing vacation then there is a wide variety of properties to choose from at


Find My Beach House in Miami

Being in Miami for work, permanent residence or for simply spending the vacation is a good choice for a lot of people. The place itself, the beach, the sun, the climate, the waters, the people, the mix of various cultures; those are just some of the good reasons to be somewhere in Miami.But how fun is it really being in the South Beach? Explained below are just some of the great reasons to be in Miami and how you could get along with finding a good place to stay in this marvelous city.

Diverse Culture

Miami is home to a wide variety of different races and cultures you could ever find. From whites, blacks, hispanics, Asians and even Europeans can be found roaming the streets of Miami. Even though some of them are just on vacation, it is always fun and refreshing to see different ethnicities and races gathered around and doing business with one another in Miami. Plus, you get to experience being with them and understanding their culture even for just a short period of time.


Parks you want? Then its parks you will surely get. With more than 800 parks located all over the Miami area, you will surely get your fill of your fondness for parks to roam around whenever you visit Miami. In addition to the various parks located all over the area, Miami is also home to the ever famous Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park which attracts hundreds and thousands of visitors each year. And you will surely be one of them when you visit Miami.

Art Deco

Home to more than 800 buildings spread all over the Miami Beach area, people who has the taste for colorful architecture and wild imagination can feast their eyes on these magnificent work of art by Miami’s forefathers.

Renting a Home

Why spend thousands of dollars for a day’s stay when you can have a good sized home for yourself while you are in Miami? Yes, whenever you are in Miami, you can also be able to get advantage of having to rent a house wherever you want to be located in the city.

Homes for rent in Miami


Money Saving Road Trip Tips

Are you and your family wanting to hit the road before the summer ends? Here are some road trip travel tips so you can save some money and still be able to get out there and see the sights before everyone is back to school and back to work from vacation. First, bring your own beverages. Buying drinks and snacks at the grocery store will save on costs instead of each time you gas up. Keep your cooler chilled with ice and you are set. Next, the phrase “when in Rome, do what the Romans do” applies. In this road trip setting, eat where the truckers eat. This way you can find affordable meals and not break the bank. Also worth noting, prepare your vehicle for the trip ahead. It may be worth it to have an inspection and tune-up so you are not stranded out there needing service and parts. There are small trailers for cars too, to pull so you can sleep in the trailer you are hauling along. This can be the biggest saver of all to cut out motel costs. Instead, all you need is a truck stop to park at or maybe splurge and go to a campground.