Shore House – Beach House Wallpaper Border BV021192B

15 Foot Long Spools of Pattern BV021192B

Product Features

  • Shore House/Beach House Wallpaper Border
  • 9 Inches Wide. Prepasted 15 Foot Long Spools
  • Flowers, Lighthouses, Sand Beaches
  • Seashore Themed

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Florida is Calling

There is a lot folks associate Florida with. It all depends on your perspective, your point of view. Different age groups will envision the state differently. Even those who live in Florida already see it in their own unique way. A lot of the stereo types about Florida include but are not limited to: alligators, retired folks, live by the beach, beach beach beach. Well, let’s keep in mind that most stereotypes do have a hint of truth to them; not always but most of the time. That is what can make them funny; that is also what can make those stereotypes seen as disrespectful! Be careful to tread lightly when it comes to assumptions. It is never polite to assume things about another person.

On that note, Florida is a very attractive state for seniors! Waterman Village Florida living is booming and it makes for a nice state to retire to, with no inclement weather conditions. See why so many seniors go to retire here. Is it the beach, the weather, the recreational activities? So many reasons; find out yours and check it out!


1,200 Great Sales Tips for Real Estate Professionals

Perfect for brokers, agents, and other real estate professionals, this handy guide brings together the best ideas from years of incredibly practical lists and checklists published in REALTOR Magazine. This practical, one-of-a-kind guide is perfect for learning the business of real estate and perfecting the best and most effective tactics and techniques for helping your real estate career and business grow.

Product Features

  • ISBN13: 9780470096895
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!

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Belkin 12 Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector with Telephone and Coaxial Protection

You’ve got a lot of money invested in your home computer and peripherals, so you need to protect them. The Belkin BE112230-08 12-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector with Telephone/Coaxial Protection is designed to give you the peace of mind you need in case a power disturbance hits your home.Input Voltage: 125V, Output Amperage Capacity: 15, Output Watt Capacity:1875 Watts, Maximum Spike Amperage: 189,000A – H-N: 111,000A – H-G: 39,000A – N-G: 39,000A, AC Suppression Joule Rating:3780 Joules, EMI/RFI Noise Filter: 150K Hz ~100M Hz, up to 75dB, Clamping Voltage: 500V, Protection Modes: H-N, N-G and Product Description
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You’ve got a lot of money invested in your home computer and peripherals, so you need to protect them. The Belkin BE112230-08 12-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector with Telephone/Coaxial Protection is designed to give you the peace of mind you need in case a power disturbance hits your home.

Office Series surge protectors provide power protection for your workstations.

This Belkin 12-Outlet Surge Protector offers:
  • Premium power protection for both home and professional workstations
  • Protection for computers, peripherals, telephones, and more
  • A convenient right-angle plug and a cord management clip
  • A $300,000 Connected Equipment Warranty

Keeping the Computers Running
As the demand for electricity to feed our hi-tech appetite increases, the likelihood of power interruptions and problems are also increasing. In addition to problems caused by the increasing severity of storms across the country, power experts are predicting that increasing power demand will soon put most major population centers at risk for severe power problems. As you know, power lulls and surges can severely damage your electronic equipment and even destroy your invaluable data.

Belkin 12-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector provides premium power protection for both home and professional workstations. In addition to protection your computer, this protector is the ideal solution for all of your sensitive electronic equipment. It’s built to protect professional workstations, laser printers, telephones, home-theater systems, and everyday household electronics. It even includes a connections to protect your telephone and coaxial lines.

The surge protection features advanced design elements, high-quality construction, and superior circuitry and components that combine to provide the most complete protection from power surges, spikes, and AC contamination. Each of the 12 outlets includes sliding safety covers, and a detachable cord-management clip will help you organize your cables and keep your desk clutter free. A right-angle plug helps you better manage your furniture by keeping the 8-foot cord close to the wall, and the protector’s slim, sleek design will blend seamlessly with today’s modern electronics and appliances.

This Belkin 12-Outlet Surge Protector is backed by a Belkin Lifetime Warranty and a $300,000 Connected Equipment Warranty.

Belkin delivers surge protection for general electronics, home appliances, and more.

Product Features

  • 12-outlet surge protector with 8-foot cord ideal for high-end home and professional workstations
  • 500V, Ideal solution for computers, laser printers, and home-theater systems; includes connections to protect telephone, coaxial and Ethernet lines
  • Outlets include sliding safety covers; detachable cord-management clip for cable organization
  • Right-angle plug keeps cord close to the wall
  • Belkin Lifetime Warranty and $300,000 Connected Equipment Warranty

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Zillow Talk: The New Rules of Real Estate

How do you spot an area poised for gentrification? Is spring or winter the best time to put your house on the market? Will a house on Swamp Road sell for less than one on Gingerbread Lane? The fact is that the rules of real estate have changed drastically over the past five years. To understand real estate in our fast-paced, technology-driven world, we need to toss out all of the outdated truisms and embrace today’s brand new information. But how?

Enter Zillow, the nation’s #1 real estate website and mobile app. Thanks to its treasure trove of proprietary data and army of statisticians and data scientists, led by chief economist Stan Humphries, Zillow has been able to spot the trends and truths of today’s housing market while acknowledging that a home is more than an economic asset. In ZILLOW TALK, Humphries and CEO Spencer Rascoff explain the science behind where and how we live now and reveal practical, data-driven insights about buying, selling, renting and financing real estate. Read this book to find out why:

-It’s better to remodel your bathroom than your kitchen
-Putting the word “cute” in your listing could cost you thousands of dollars
-You shouldn’t buy the worst house in the best neighborhood
-You should never list your house for $444,000
-You shouldn’t list your house for sale before March Madness or after the Masters

Densely packed with entertaining anecdotes and invaluable how-to advice, ZILLOW TALK is poised to be the real estate almanac for the next generation.

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Icibgoods Art Wall Décor Dreaming Beach House Opening Windows Aegean Sea Beautiful Scenery Removable Wall Stickers


100% Brand new and high quality.

Very fashion and modern breath

Easy to apply and easy to remove, with no mess.

Elegant appearance, high quality materials, eco-friendly decoration

Simple and generous wall sticker is ideal for decoration no matter whether at home or in the office, which brings tranquility and style

You can place it anywhere on the wall or window size of your home

Best for decoration children’s bedroom, restroom or your living room

Open the bottom paper can be directly pasted

Smooth surface, suitable for pasting on smooth surface, such as: smooth paint walls/furniture / glass / mirror/ ceramic tile

Material: PVC

Removable glue

Size: 90*60cm


Quantity: 1pcs
Package Include:

1 x wall sticker


Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item, please allow 1-3cm differs due to manual measurement

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns before or after your purchase. We are committed to your 100% satisfaction

Product Features

  • Very fashion, indie pop and modern breath
  • Easy to apply and easy to remove, with no mess
  • Elegant appearance, high quality materials, eco-friendly decoration
  • Simple and generous wall sticker is ideal for decoration no matter whether at home or in the office, which brings tranquility and style
  • You can place it anywhere on the wall or window size of your home

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Beach Scene Outdoor Solar Home Address Sign Light

Life is better at the Beach so why not take a piece back home with you with this Beach Themed Solar Powered House Number Sign. It will be a beautiful addition to any entryway, yard, or garden. Included with the sign are 5 sets of numbers 0 through 9. Solar energy collected by the sun is stored in an included rechargeable battery. On a full charge these lights can light up for up to 8 hours. Light is emitted from 3 White LED’s. These lights are 100% Solar Powered, so there is no external wiring necessary! Designed to placed on the ground only. Dimensions are 14.8″ x 6.5″ x 9.6″. Product Information: Returns and Exchanges up to 30 Days, Installation and/or assembly instructions must be followed, and Reusable Revolution, LLC cannot be held liable for product malfunction due to improper installation or use.

Product Features

  • Lights for up to 8 hours on a full charge
  • 3 White LED’s per light
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • 100% Solar powered no external wiring necessary!
  • Dimensions: 14.8″ x 6.5″ x 9.6″

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Discounted high risk vehicle insurance policy deals

The most prevalent reports that all of us listen daily are automobile accidents reports. This can be due to the fact the motorists are driving faster than speed restriction or because of the carelessness of other drivers. If you are among those who already have had his driving license impounded or cancelled or you’ve got a terrible driving history or you’ve got a terrible credit score, high risk automobile insurance is absolutely for you to purchase. There are numerous insurance carriers that sell policies for motor insurance high risk to their consumers. This plan is usually for people who’ve got an extremely dangerous driving record.

Your policy might help you to cover the expenses involved. Ahead of the insurance providers have the same opinion to give this program to you; they’d check driving records. They would validate if you’ve been linked to any kind of collisions as well as other information. If you’re searching for economical high-risk auto insurance then for sure your driving record should be fantastic. The premium for high risk motor insurance plan relies upon your driving record. Whenever your driving records is good then you might buy this insurance at a rather cheap price.

Insurance price will increase by the number of vehicle collisions you’re connected with, how many traffic rules you’ve broken, and so forth, during the past few yrs. Besides that high risk automobile insurance carrier shall as well verify what kind of motor insurance you had in previous years. This is mostly to determine whether you are driving the car/truck with a lawful license or not. Just in case, in your policy report there are lots of violations then it’ll be quite unfeasible that you buy the vehicle insurance with nominal prices as it could force the insurance provider to suspect that you could not buy suitable car insurance at that time.

Usually the charges for the high-risk car insurance will also rely on the profile of the person. This denotes that women who wish to obtain this policy could have it for cheaper costs compared to a teenager. That’s usually since females are more alert while they’re driving than youngsters. The insurer is familiar with the fact that all youngsters prefer to drive cars very fast. Therefore high risk auto insurance firm may ask for a lesser amount of money to women interested in this insurance compared to a youngster.

If you’re trying to find high risk motor insurance, then you must plan before. This implies that ahead of you purchase this insurance strive to have your driving history slightly better by buying the parking tickets, implementing the traffic rules, and many others, evade receiving a ticket to ensure that your current driving report is flawless. It shall assist you to get discounted high risk vehicle insurance policy deals. Do not apply to the very first high risk automobile insurer you stumble on. You ought to research on the policies in the market from other insurance providers with the intention that you’d be able to examine every single stipulation and go with the one which might be adequate for your requirements.


Advantage of mortgage refinancing is to secure a cheaper interest rate

During the present financial environment, nearly all property owners are hunting for means to save cash, and one method that is now very effective, is to exploit home mortgage refinancing. Home loan refinancing is essentially switching a present home loan contract and its applicable interest rates with a second mortgage. If entered into adequately, this method might enable anyone to find a lower interest rate, revise your mortgage payment term, change your fixed mortgage rate to a variable Home loan rate or the other way around and fruitfully execute debt consolidation. Nonetheless, mortgage refinancing must not be agreed upon without a cautious investigation of its expenses and returns.

Individuals hunting for Home Refinance Loan must seriously look at his/her justifications behind doing so. A conceivable advantage of mortgage refinancing is to secure a cheaper interest rate than the interest rate over that person’s current loan. Minimizing the interest rate on a mortgage is beneficial in minimizing monthly payments and increases the pace one will build equity. In fact, individuals that refinance their home loans mostly do so to access the equity in their home that can be done for different reasons. A usual reason for accessing the equity in one’s house is to cover the cost of refurbishments that may increase the value of the house.

Amidst the care property owners must concentrate on, is the danger of tinkering with credit, and how quick it is to acquire a needless sum. Consolidating debt is often a profitable outcome of mortgage refinancing; nonetheless it is not always the fact. Your move to refinance to help consolidate debt is helped by the feeling that home loan loans give a more affordable rate of interest, and hence consolidating most of your other very high interest debt into your mortgage can be an intelligent fiscal decision. In case a person has a reputation of solid fiscal decisions that is habitual repayment for other higher interest debts specifically credit cards, the advantages of consolidating that person’s debt with a home loan could probably be realized.

Yet, the reality is that a lot of households have a history of poor management of current higher interest debt and probably will maintain these habits even with consolidation. The debt which is liberated subsequent to consolidating a person’s debt with a low interest home loan will obviously be used to accumulate higher interest debt, and in turn the regimen of debt is maintained. Because of the condition of the existing worldwide financial system, the option to go after mortgage refinancing should be conceptualized properly. The home loan rates are certainly lower nowadays; nevertheless this won’t mean a person must access home loan refinancing.

Persons should seek mortgage refinancing only if they’re having their property for a minimum of five years or more. It’s since the charges pertaining to mortgage refinancing is generally three to six % of the principal loan together with the fees related to refinancing applications which would entail about 4 yrs to retrieve. The positive aspects of refinancing as featured on top can only be realized in cases where financial habits are frequently wise, and the decision has to be completed with high concern and foresight.


You Need A Travel Insurance Policy

Travel insurance can be a life saver!

Take time to consider the points presented below. What you learn may help you overcome your hesitation to take action.

1420242548_palm_treeTraveler insurance is a physically powerful benefit for every traveler. Travelers can have lots of claim alternatives in several superfluous occurrences throughout the tour. The health hazards or mishaps are unforeseen at any place and any point of time. Traveler policy assists hugely in this regards. A Travel Insurance Policy comprises a number of ultimate conditions and advantages to the holder of policy.

There are numerous indemnity policies for travelers like multi trip or single trip policy. If one is scheduling to travel in excess of once a year, then there is a yearly policy that is cheap and perfect for them rather than purchasing various solitary trip policy. The yearly policies cover infinite trips together with commerce trips, overall of 180 days annually specifically highest of forty-five days per tour. On the other hand, if one have intended merely single tour in a particular year that is up to ninety days long, then a single tour policy would be appropriate.

One is recommended to carry out their policy with themselves when traveling. It is suggested that they hold their policy brochure, agenda, any health check letters or approvals on holiday with them so that they can refer to it if required. It will help them largely if they have a medical emergency while they are away. If they require returning home urgently or going into hospital, please speak to inter group help Services instantaneously.

One is required to call the contact center mentioned in the company’s policy brochure for medical claims. This service is accessible 24/7. For any additional claims, they can contact company inside 30 days of the damage to acquire a claim form. Beside that for any further details they are required to refer the guide.

Solitary tour policy is available to the holder of policy aging between eighteen to ninety-ninety years. Yearly policies covering global constituency are available to the holder of policy aged between eighteen to sixty-four years.

Yearly policies are available to the holder of policy aging between eighteen to ninety-ninety years for the European area. Winter sports cover is available to individuals under the age of sixty-five years.
If one’s automobile stop working while traveling, the Travel Insurance does not cover automobile break-down and they must insure themselves individually with a break-down Policy.


Switchables Beach House Stained Glass Nightlight Cover

This Beach House design hangs beautifully on our patented rotating nightlight plug, lighting up any room of your house. With over 200 designs, you can swap another in when your style changes. Switch your style, not your plug.

Product Features

  • Interchangeable stained glass nightlight cover
  • Use as a nightlight on our patented plug! (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Use it as an ornament, sun-catcher or plant pal!

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