Buy real estate without cash or credit! Imagine having two multi-millionaires take you by the hand and personally mentor you to get started making big money investing in real estate. That’s exactly the step-by-step coaching you’ll get in “Buying Real Estate Without Cash or Credit”, as Peter Conti and David Finkel, two of the nation’s leading real estate experts, walk you through the fastest and easiest ways for you to launch your investing business. You’ll learn the same secrets, strategies, and organized action plans that their past mentorship students have used over the last decade to make millions. Best of all, you’ll learn exactly how to do it without cash or credit! This book will show you the fastest way to succeed investing in real estate – step-by-step, action-by-action, and strategy-by-strategy. You’ll learn: the 5 fastest ways to close your first deal in 30 days or less; 21 scripts to negotiate profitable win-win deals; the 6 best sources to fund your ‘nothing down’ deals; and, 7 ways to maximize your cash when investing. ‘This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to live the American dream but thinks they can’t invest in real estate for lack of cash or credit. Conti and Finkel make it simple to understand and easy to achieve’ – Attorney William Bronchick, coauthor of the bestselling book “Flipping Properties”. ‘David and Peter have done it again! They’ve taken their proven millionaire-making real estate program and broken it down into easy-to-use steps that anyone can use. This book will tell you how you don’t need cash or credit to succeed in real estate investing’ – Diane Kennedy, CPA/Tax Strategist, coauthor of “The Insider’s Guide to Real Estate Investing Loopholes”.

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2 Responses to “Buying Real Estate Without Cash or Credit”

  1. M. Weidert November 30, 2014 at 9:09 am #

    Another advertisement for their boot camp Maybe one expects too much when paying for a book promising substantial information on any topic. While there are nuggets in this book for the novice real estate investor (as I suppose there are in most any book), the majority of the book is a not so subtle advertisement to become one of their mentor students.For those who have ever been in the sales profession, the saying is to “sell the sizzle, not the steak”. This book is 85% sizzle, playing on the target demographics the…

  2. TE November 30, 2014 at 9:14 am #

    In a word: Disappointing! Nothing but a motivational speaker selling his wares… Very disapointing for me as a beginner “real estate investor” – I also happen to be a professional salesperson and recognize this book’s cheap motivational patter from over 20+ sales seminars I’ve endured over the years. I made it through 20 pages before I found myself skimming and looking for ‘information’ rather than bogus dialog between fictional characters who all have a slight aversion to making cold calls, and need the authors to guide them to ‘success’.I will say that if…

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