Foreshadowing My Senior Living

When I think about retirement, I think about the lifestyle I will be living. I try to imagine all of what my daily life will encompass from the setting to the activities to my health status. It is quite the challenge to imagine all of this. At least I find it challenging. So what I did the other day surprised me a bit. I looked online at senior living communities and pushed the envelope (my envelope) of what is to come. I must say, I am rather excited about it all! What I found at Siena senior living community just about blew me away. The location, the community, the amenities… I had no idea that senior living had evolved into such an attractive way of life. I know as I get up there in age that I will need some assisted living health care, but the good news is that places like Siena already factor that into the equation. In other words, they anticipate your needs but do not intervene until it is requested or it is found to be necessary. The image I have in my head of my senior years, is looking good.


The Luxury of Independent Living

It is a fine opportunity for those age 55 to be able to live independently. Most folks in this age range can get along just fine living independently, so why not make these glory years luxurious! Masonicare at Mystic offers an independent living community for seniors. The onsite amenities alone are attractive to have all in once private community. There is a hair salon, billiard room, fitness center, art studio, convenience store, a cafe and a central dining room, just to name a few things.

Another attractive highlight that Mystic has to offer is its location. Yes, there are community amenities, but there is also the geographical location that matters as well. This independent living community is placed on the shoreline of Connecticut. Being at the water’s edge makes for a more desirable place to live. If you have grown up near the water, or have recently fallen in love with the shoreline, this may very well be the place for you to spend your glory years. For more detailed living options see their website at


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