Beach Houses – Consider Rentals

You may want to consider renting a beach house before you buy.

I had some of my best times just walking along the beach. My family never had a lot of money, but it did not matter. We were not far from some of the most spectacular beaches in the country!

Beach house rentals allow you the pleasure of a scenic seaside vacation, and are popular all over the world. Some like to travel in winter to warmer climes while others, because of their schedules, get to travel in summer when the weather is at its hottest to take advantage of the mild weather and cool breeze going in off the ocean.

It is hard to make something of yourself when you have to pay bay area rent. It was only a matter of time before I had to move away. Now, I have money and success, but I don’t have the beach. I am in the strange position of looking at beach house rentals myself.

Beach tent

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I love travelling so I can stay in a house close to the beach!

My favorite beach houses are in Mexico. The dollar gets you far there, and it is easy for an American professional to be able to afford to sit on the beach sipping margaritas and pina coladas all day, without a care in the world. The nightlife in a city like cancun is out of this world, with night clubs open from dusk until dawn filled with beautiful women and men just there to have a great time and live it up while they are young. I can almost hear the thumping beat and see the pretty girls dancing now when I think about it.

You can go where you want to to suit your tastes. For some, a trip to the lovely green hills of Ireland is more their speed, and the cool, rocky, foggy shores do good things for their soul. Or of course, the Caribbean with its balmy weather and mellow, laid back culture has many popular destinations for beach rentals. You could go to Jamaica if you wanted to, like I did once, listen to reggae and steel drum all night, and go back home with a new lease on life. (more…)