House Buying Tips

Beach ChairFor those looking to buy a new home right now in this uncertain economy, there are some steps you may wish to include in your efforts.

One thing is reducing credit card debt.

If you want to get rid of credit card debt you need to focus on one card at a time. By that, I mean that we pay more than the minimum monthly payments for one card, and then pay a substantial amount on the other cards if you have them.

It’s not easy but by paying more than the minimum you will get the balance down lower and will pay less interest. 

Interest rates are so high that paying an equitable amount on each one every month was really getting us nowhere, and it began to feel like we were being crushed by credit card debt.

Ever since the housing crisis hit, it’s like the clock on the housing market in this country has been turned back about 30 years. The mortgage lenders are tightening their rules and they want to be far more conservative that they have been in recent memory. What that means is that if you want a good deal, you had better come in with stellar credit score of 740 or so. That’s how you get the best combination of competitive interest rates, fees and points.

I suggest asking a professional real estate agent to help you connect with people who can work on your credit score. They know the people that get results.

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