Florida Is The Place To Be and To Retire

Did you know that Florida is one of the hottest spots to go and retire? Well, yes it can get pretty warm there, but by hot I meant it is a popular spot to retire. Why is it so great? What makes it so attractive to go there? Well, let’s see. There’s great weather. You will not be feeling achy out in the cold that’s for sure. It rains, yes, but it is no Minnesota winters whatsoever! What about the money side of things? Well, how about no state income tax, no inheritance tax, no estate tax. How about them apples? The cost of living is affordable in Florida. Come and play and play all day in the water. That’s what you will get to do. Now if you are looking for a place, check out this independent living community at http://www.canterburytower.org/independent-living. Explore your options to their fullest and see what kind of lifestyle you want to live when you hit that retirement age. Make it fun, live it up, cross things off of your bucket list!