Elevator Please, Will Boost Our Quality Of Life

So we have a beach home that we just purchased and it is a total of four levels high. That is to ensure that there is high ground and great views from up top. We were surprised upon looking to purchase this lovely home though that it does not have a mrl elevator. There is no elevator to it and we are getting up there in age and see this as a sort of retirement/ vacation home for us. It is where we want to retire and settle down at. Would be great to have family gatherings out here and everything. More than that, we know that as we age we will want to have an elevator to aid especially in the big tasks such as carrying groceries up to the kitchen which is on the third story. This makes it so that we will be able to function easier and with a better quality of life when it comes down to it. This website http://www.modularelevator.net/ is the one we are considering to have them put in the elevator. There is a column of the home that we think will work but we need to be sure that it really will work with the contractors, engineers, and building permit allowances and things. So much to do–and so little time! We want this done before we move in in just a few months.