Fishing magnets, compact and lightweight, inlaid with a super-strong force of the latest generation of ‘Magnetic King’ called super permanent magnet, which can be strongly attracted by iron, steel, nickel and other ferromagnetic material.

-Whether fishing magnet can hold 0lb,few pounds,many pounds or even 260pounds,your steel is decisive!!
1)Thicker Steel
Thin steel means saturation of flux in the magnetic circuit. Excess magnetic flux is wasted in the air and can’t be utilized.
2)Thinner painting/no spacer
Thick painting will give rise to a great leakage of flux,only a small portion of flux from fishing magnets can be utilized to provide the attractive force.The thicker the painting, the worse the magnetic force!

-How to achieve the advertising attractive force?
1) 0.59 inches or thicker A3 steel plate.
2) The steel attracted by fishing magnets should be placed horizontally, no tilt.
3) No painting or rust covered on the steel.
4) Straight upside down hanging of fishing magnets.

-Straight upside down or sideways hanging?
Straight upside down hanging of magnetic hooks is recommended, though hanging method of sideways is used in the most common place.
Capacity of sideways hanging of fishing magnets is determined by the friction of the attracted item, it is much smaller than Straight upside down hanging of fishing magnets.

1.Dry the surface of fishing magnets after retrieving in the water.
2.Don’t put the fishing magnets in fire or places with extremely high temperature,fishing magnets lose it magnetism at 608°F

Package includes:
1pc of 2” fishing magnet.

If you have any questions about the fishing magnets, our customer service staff will reply to you within 24 hours.

Product Features

  • ✔Fishing magnets are ideal for retrieving in lake,river,well;collecting nails, hooks or needles in sand beach,lawn,and house.
  • ✔Three layers nickel coating on fishing magnets greatly reinforce corrosion resistance ! Maintenance free, no rust !
  • ✔Amazing strong, sturdy and reliable fishing magnets with a medium size ! Made of high grade and exquisite quality Neodymium magnet and steel.
  • ✔Stronger magnetic field strength, wider search area, better protection for your new house,lawn,and sand beach.
  • ✔2” Permanent fishing magnets,magnetism lasts forever !

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