Though Italy is most famous for its spectacular scenery, which includes fantastic beaches and mountain views – this may change soon due to its growing reputation as a fantastic location for golf. Italy has 249 golf courses in the country and is definitely a wonderful location for a golfing holiday.

Milan and Tuscany are the two great golfing areas in Italy spots. If you want are looking for a golf holiday in Italy, these are the places to be in the northern region of Italy.

Most of the golfing treasures in Italy are in the Lombardy Lakes District. Lake Como is one of the best in that area. You can also visit and test your golfing prowess at the famous La Pine parkland which spans to about 157 acres of land.

Tuscany is very popular for its historical architecture and majestic landscapes, but its golf courses are some of the best golfing destinations – not to mention, really challenging ones! One of the most special places to play golf in Italy is probably the Loggia Dei Medici Golf Club in Tuscany, as it has naturally beautiful golf course – home to great hilly and mountainous terrains.

So if you want to golf in Italy, check out some of the above-mentioned destinations and try them out for yourself! And if you are looking for a quality place to rent for your golfing vacation then there is a wide variety of properties to choose from at

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