Are you and your family wanting to hit the road before the summer ends? Here are some road trip travel tips so you can save some money and still be able to get out there and see the sights before everyone is back to school and back to work from vacation. First, bring your own beverages. Buying drinks and snacks at the grocery store will save on costs instead of each time you gas up. Keep your cooler chilled with ice and you are set. Next, the phrase “when in Rome, do what the Romans do” applies. In this road trip setting, eat where the truckers eat. This way you can find affordable meals and not break the bank. Also worth noting, prepare your vehicle for the trip ahead. It may be worth it to have an inspection and tune-up so you are not stranded out there needing service and parts. There are small trailers for cars too, to pull so you can sleep in the trailer you are hauling along. This can be the biggest saver of all to cut out motel costs. Instead, all you need is a truck stop to park at or maybe splurge and go to a campground.


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