Of all the places to go for vacation in the United States, one can never count out the beautiful place of Miami. What was once a simple marshland has now turned into a world class vacation destination after its development in the early part of the nineteenth century. Miami is also considered the eighth most populous area in the United States with regards to urbanized places making it possible for people visiting the place to meet and greet a lot of people and to go to the numerous tourists attractions that Miami has to offer. Among these wonderful places and things in Miami that anyone can go to or do are listed below.

Ritz Carlton Spa in Miami Beach

One of the first things that you can do upon arriving in Miami is of course to rest your body for a while and get pampered the Miami way. And there is no better place to get your manicure, pedicure and detoxification in Miami other than the La Maison de Beaute Carita Spa which can be found in Ritz Carlton Hotel located in South Beach. After that stress relieving session, you will now be ready to hit the Miami streets with stride.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Tired of going to the typical beach spots in Miami? Worry no more. Because you can have the choice of going to the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens located in Miami Avenue. Here you can witness classic works of architecture and art that dated back as far as the 1910’s. With numerous sculptures, magnificent landscaping and lovely sunset photo spots, you will surely have a good time in the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.

Bars, Clubs and Live Music

For those who would want to witness what Miami nightlife is all about, you won’t be disappointed. For right smack in the center of Miami are various nightclubs, dance bars and lounges you can go to.

Looking for a Place to Stay

Even though Miami has over 400 hotels and motels spread across the town, you will also get the liberty of renting your very own place where you can chill and hang out with your friends and companions while you are in Miami.

Homes for rent in Miami


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