“Puzzles To Learn Real Estate Terms!”

Nothing like this has ever been done before! – This fun-filled, LARGE PRINT puzzle book consists of puzzles made with Real Estate pros and students in mind but are solvable by anyone wanting to learn a bit about Real Estate!

If you love whiling away the hours with a good puzzle book, you will want to grab this one right away. There’s nothing else like it – anywhere! Better yet, get multiple copies and give them to your broker, the other agents in the office and your friends. They make a GREAT gift!

Here is some of what you are getting:

🏡 There are 25 LARGE PRINT word search puzzles – Each one is a MASSIVE 25×25 grid and each has 100 real estate based words to find!
🏡 CAUTION, these puzzles are a challenge! The words can be listed as horizontal, verticle, OR diagonal. They can be spelled forwards or backwards! PLUS, words can overlap and share common letters! It’s gonna take you a while to figure these puzzles out!
🏡 You’ll be doing some hair pulling by the time you figure out the word scramble/jumble puzzles. There are 60 LARGE PRINT word scramble puzzles (each with 11 or 12 words to unsramble)! The concept is easy, but figuring them out can be very exasperating!
🏡 Don’t forget the 40 LARGE PRINT cryptogram puzzles! Want to feel like a spy decoding secret messages? This is the place! When you’ve decoded each one, it will be an inspirational or insightful Real Estate quote or saying. Fun, Fun, Fun!
🏡 By doing these LARGE PRINT puzzles, you will quickly notice an increase in your Real Estate vocabulary! It’s like you are learning a whole new language (there are thousands of terms), while having whole bunches of fun!
🏡 In addition to effortlessly learning a new (Real estate) language, you will notice an increase in your focus as well as your problem solving abilities.These puzzles will keep you engaged for a very long time. Hint – if you are studying for the real estate exam, this book is a MUST HAVE!
🏡 Remember, by looking up the words you aren’t familiar with, the puzzles will become a – fun – learning experience. You’ll soon be an expert and be able to ace the real estate exam.
🏡 The glossy cover is made to industry standards and designed to last.
🏡 LARGE 8.5 x 11 size – plenty of room for solving. Take it wherever you go – so it will be handy whenever the urge to have some fun strikes.(Maybe during some of those loooong, rainy days.)
🏡 This “Puzzles To Learn Real Estate Terms!” book makes a great gift for any puzzler not just Real Estate students. Solving puzzles is fun no matter what your occupation or interests.

You KNOW you want this… Scroll up and grab YOUR copy of “Puzzles To Learn Real Estate Terms!” RIGHT NOW!

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