Not your ordinary book on Real Estate. It’s a book about Life, People, Health, Rejuvenation, and Habits. Contributions by some of the most accomplished Leaders in Real Estate: 

  • Spencer Rascoff – CEO, Zillow
  • Pete Flint – CEO, Trulia
  • Sherry Chris – CEO, Better Homes & Gardens
  • Krisstina Wise – CEO, Good Life
  • Marc Davison – Partner, 1000watt
  • Dave Crumby – CEO, realvolve
  • Austin Allison – CEO, dotloop
  • Lisa Archer – Co-founder, Geeky Girls
  • Matt Beall – Broker, Hawaii Life Real Estate
  • Vanessa Bergmark – Partner, Red Oak Realty
  • Kim Colaprete – Founder, Team Diva
  • Nobu Hata – NAR Director
  • Dottie Herman – CEO, Douglas Elliman Real Estate
  • Tina Mak – Broker, Coldwell Banker
  • Michael McClure – CEO,
  • Kelly Mitchell – Founder, Agent Caffeine
  • Tara-Nicholle Nelson – Founder, REThink
  • Marc Siden – CEO, Onboard Informatics
  • Kendyl Young – Owner, Diggs

Foreword by: Michele Serro – Founder, Doorsteps
Artwork by: Joey Roth

Most Real Estate Books fall short. REAL goes beyond mere tactics and strategies to focus on the core of what really matters – You. With featured stories from Real Estate’s Thought Leaders including Marc Davison, Spencer Rascoff, Sherry Chris, Krisstina Wise and many more. If building a real estate business that lasts is important to you – this is a book you surely won’t want to miss!

Build to Last

What stalls most agents from building sustainable businesses is the misconception that getting from point A to objective B will require more energy, skill, and time than we have. So we revert to short-cuts. But the truth is big problems are rarely solved with big solutions, but by a sequence of small solutions, sometimes over weeks, months, years, and sometimes over decades.

It’s About YOU

  • A minimalist approach to marketing
  • How to serve from the inside out
  • Why Habits are more vital than goals
  • How to cycle your energy and interest
  • Why Authenticity matters more than Salesmanship
  • Chase the Passion – Not the Money
  • Why People – are your REAL portfolio
  • Truth about Happiness and Money
  • Health – Building a Sustainable You
  • Practice – You are what you do
  • Why Real Estate Craftsman will take over

Product Features

  • Real A Path to Passion Purpose and Profits in Real Estate

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2 Responses to “Real: A Path to Passion, Purpose and Profits in Real Estate”

  1. Brian Boys December 3, 2017 at 3:53 am #

    How to have a career in real estate and still have a life. What I most enjoyed about it was hearing Dave’s insight into what it’s like to be hugely successful at real estate and then how that didn’t really satisfy him (or even last). And then have him give a step-by-step outline of what a sustainable practice looks like. The short chapters by super-successful realty VIPs were OK, but a number of them sounded exactly like the kind of talk you’d give at a high school graduation. Made me feel like I was sitting in the hot sun in an uncomfortable folding…

  2. mary anglin December 3, 2017 at 4:06 am #

    It ranks right up at the top.

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