The Artisanal Creations Set of 4 Octopus Knobs are designed especially for the ocean lovers. Give your beach house an oceanic décor theme with these beautifully crafted octopus knobs. These cabinet knobs are handcrafted out of metal and molded to depict an octopus. Proper carvings are made to depict the various body parts of an octopus. These octopus knobs are 1.5 inch by 2 inch in dimensions with a projection of 1 inch so that you can comfortably hold the knob for opening or closing the cabinet door. A detailed set of instructions and the hardware required for DIY installation is shipped with these elegant cabinet knobs.

Why buy from us?

We use premium materials and pursue creativity to create exquisite furniture hardware options like the octopus knobs.

  • Fast order processing
  • Prompt response to all queries
  • Bandwidth for bigger orders
  • Promise of genuine products
  • 100% customer satisfaction standards
  • Expanding collection of cabinet and furniture knobs
  • Experts in the niche of Home Improvement accessories

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Product Features

  • Set of 4 Decorative Pulls: these intricately designed decorative pulls are a perfect choice for the ocean lovers. Available in a set of 4, these cabinet pulls can be used in bathroom, living room, or kitchen.
  • Handmade Cabinet Knobs: all products at Artisanal Creations are handmade by skilled artisans and bear the mark of subtle uniqueness, even if they are of the same set. Add some character to your home décor with these handmade cabinet knobs.
  • Carved Octopus Knobs: skilled artisans have handcrafted these octopus knobs out of metal with proper carvings depicting the various body parts. The coffee brown color gives these knobs a realistic look and feel.
  • DIY Installation Knobs: these eye-catching cabinet pull handles can be installed as part of a DIY project. All the required hardware and instructions come included with the set of 4 octopus knobs.
  • Cabinet Pull Dimensions: you can make the oceanic life the décor theme of your beach house with these beautifully crafted cabinet pulls. These knobs have a dimension of 1.5 inch by 2 inch, with a projection of 1 inch. The 1.5 inch bolt of these knobs can be trimmed according to installation requirement.

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