Say hello to comfort and goodbye to back, knee, and foot pain. WellnessMats revolutionary anti-fatigue floor mats are ergonomically engineered and medically proven to provide unsurpassed comfort, safety, relief, and support while you stand, wherever you stand. By suspending body weight and reducing stress and strain on the joints, WellnessMats interact with your body providing comfort and relief while improving posture and muscle conditioning. Advocated by healthcare professionals, WellnessMats are medically proven to promote proper circulation and reduce fatigue. Our main goal has always been to provide the very best Premium Standing Solutions that would alleviate aches & pains, while increasing energy and productivity. Our success in meeting this goal is why our anti-fatigue products are the #1choice for the Department of Homeland Security, TSA, and millions of line workers, salon owners, chefs, and consumers like you around the world.  Our mats are unlike any other. Made from our proprietary Advanced Polyurethane Technology (APT), our mats are ‘one piece construction,’ 100% made in the USA and backed by an unprecedented 20-Year Warranty.

Product Features

  • Made of proprietary Advanced Polyurethane Technology (APT) – 100% polyurethane, WellnessMats are guaranteed to: always lie flat, never delaminate or curl up at the edges, never compress or wear through
  • WellnessMats offer exceptional comfort and are resistant to punctures, tears, abrasions, stains, slips and wear; and is safe, non-toxic, PVC and BPA-free
  • 100% Made in the USA with an Industry-Leading 20-Year Warranty
  • Unmatched comfort and durability and antimicrobial by design
  • Easy care: simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge, use any common household cleaner or sweep clean of dirt and dust

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2 Responses to “WellnessMats ET62WMRWGRY Estates Collection Anti-Fatigue 6 x 2 Foot Kitchen Mat, Beach Glass”

  1. Anonymous December 28, 2019 at 9:00 pm #

    Different colors, same product I will be returning this mat because it has a very deep crease in the back where the mat was folded too tightly for the narrow box they sent it in. The one I received today was replacing another Wellness Mat that my golden retriever scratched up during a thunderstorm so I know firsthand that a defect (front or back) will eventually cause a tear. These are nice mats but for the price, I expect a brand new one to be without defects and honestly expected my old one to last longer than it did. A…

  2. Anonymous December 28, 2019 at 9:09 pm #

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